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Joining IKMS

Today was a busy Saturday for me a group of KM seasoned KM professional @ Polytechnic Singapore (what a campus, Geez!). We started with a session on the KM Competencies Framework developed earlier last year by Awie Foong and Patrick

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Managing in a knowledge economy is also about “taming the Prince”

During my PhD, I focussed on the required elements for managing in a knowledge economy. My initial assumption was that one cannot manage an organisation with recipes from the 20′s or the 50′s because at that time the economy was

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Folksonomy vs Taxonomy: the endless and useless controversy

Fran @ VocabControl highligths the controversy between taxonomists and folksonomists. At Headshift, we face content categorisation in every single project. I don’t really get the point of criticising one approach or the other, because it really depends the legacy you

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Taxonomies > Sensemaking > Adoption (mirror)

Initially published on the Headshift’s blog. The enterprise social computing scene is all about incentivizing, building and demonstrating – often with use cases – the benefits of socializing computer based activities. Most of social computing consultant are thrilled by the

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