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Empowerment of the unusual suspects: similarities between Enterprise 2.0 and Track Two Diplomacy

My wife is currently undergoing a PhD in International Relations at RSIS, here is Singapore. She focuses on the contribution of Track Two Diplomacy to the management of regional security issues in the Asia Pacific. We happen to have interesting

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Beyond Enterprise 2.0 ROI, evaluation and management of knowledge in the workplace

My colleague Penny Edwards has a nice post @ Headshift on measurement and social software, which reopens in a smart way the conversation about return on investment (ROI) we had months ago with Luis Suarez, Dennis Howlett, Jon Husband and

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Enterprise 2.0 revisiting fundamentals of General Management (14/16) – Legitimacy rather than legality

Historically, Management is a bunch of people who are educated in a way that they can understand measurement and the way to translate a real life activity (production) into a set of economical data. Management was originally made of engineers,

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Enterprise 2.0 revisiting fundamentals of General Management (11/16) – Situational Measurement (rather than a priori ones)

I already had the opportunity to share my view on this topic in a past blog post @ Headshift. The simple argument is that, because social computing is about situational, group-oriented, user-centric, functionally simple tools, there is no need to

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The missing bit of management theories and practices (part 3/7)

Rationalisation is a never-ending process: existing reporting processes and coordination tools are partial because too conventional   Early October 2001, the head of the booking call centre of a major French tour operator receives a congratulation letter from the Chairman

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