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Enterprise Social Computing Pricing: insightful, but you hardly see the woods for the trees

Recently, Julien LeNestour, from the IT Innovation Lab of Schlumberger, wrote an interesting and debated post on enterprise social computing pricing @ ReadWriteWeb. He suggested me to contribute to the conversation, but it turns out that I need more than

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Building sustainable online knowledge communities

In this post, I detail some thoughts on elements that contribute to the success of developing “online knowledge communities”. This later is an online platform whose purpose is to facilitate to knowledge diffusion and growth. It can be public or

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Managing in a knowledge economy is also about “taming the Prince”

During my PhD, I focussed on the required elements for managing in a knowledge economy. My initial assumption was that one cannot manage an organisation with recipes from the 20′s or the 50′s because at that time the economy was

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The missing bit of management theories and practices (part 7/7)

Research is not about playing with data and questionable methodologies and epistemologies. It happens in the field and we are all potential (and powerful) researchers.   It is not my intention to enter into a technical debate, even if I

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