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Enterprise Social Networks: a solution for management, not a problem

No matter the advanced maturing views over the benefits of enterprise social networks in most organisations these days, I still come across people making assertions that they divert employees from work. My point today is that what they see as

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Beyond Enterprise 2.0 ROI, evaluation and management of knowledge in the workplace

My colleague Penny Edwards has a nice post @ Headshift on measurement and social software, which reopens in a smart way the conversation about return on investment (ROI) we had months ago with Luis Suarez, Dennis Howlett, Jon Husband and

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Enterprise 2.0 revisiting fundamentals of General Management (14/16) – Legitimacy rather than legality

Historically, Management is a bunch of people who are educated in a way that they can understand measurement and the way to translate a real life activity (production) into a set of economical data. Management was originally made of engineers,

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Enterprise 2.0 revisiting fundamentals of General Management (11/16) – Situational Measurement (rather than a priori ones)

I already had the opportunity to share my view on this topic in a past blog post @ Headshift. The simple argument is that, because social computing is about situational, group-oriented, user-centric, functionally simple tools, there is no need to

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