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The collusion between cost and value and the knowledge economy

Note: this post can be read for itself, but might appears “out of the blue” as it relates to a more grounded argumentation in the French section of my blog. In fact it is principally here to sustain a conversation

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Enterprise 2.0 revisiting fundamentals of General Management (10/16) – Rematerialisation as a major managerial effort

Knowledge being by definition immaterial, it is consequently non measurable. And we know that “what you can’t measure, you can’t manage”. Right. Here is the major issue organisations face with the emergence of knowledge as the pivotal element of value

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Knowledge and Measure

The evolution from a material economy toward a knowledge economy implies a shift in the balance between explicit and tacit elements of work. If we take arbitrarily the law of 80/20, it is possible to says that: • In the

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