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Social computing and collaboration: repeat after me please

For those who play with or plead in favour of social computing, there is nothing new under the sun. I mean Ross Mayfield has been and still is the proeminent herald of this battle, and Luis Suarez an obstinate good

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Beyond Enterprise 2.0 ROI, evaluation and management of knowledge in the workplace

My colleague Penny Edwards has a nice post @ Headshift on measurement and social software, which reopens in a smart way the conversation about return on investment (ROI) we had months ago with Luis Suarez, Dennis Howlett, Jon Husband and

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Taxonomies > Sensemaking > Adoption (mirror)

Initially published on the Headshift’s blog. The enterprise social computing scene is all about incentivizing, building and demonstrating – often with use cases – the benefits of socializing computer based activities. Most of social computing consultant are thrilled by the

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Behind “Enterprise 2.0″ Performance: Exploitation or Exploration? (mirror)

Initially published on the Headshift Blog The more I visit clients the more I am amazed by the lack of culture some have on the basics of web 2.0, not to mention its positive impacts on productivity, performance and bottom

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(Non) Adoption of social computing in organisations: busyness or laziness? (mirror)

When people consider introducing social-computing in their organisation, one of the questions that regularly comes up is ROI: “what is the impact of social tools, whether blogs or wikis or social networks or social bookmark or all of them, on

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