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Open Data: How change in politics may change the Market of Data

In a previous post I have written that the open data and reform of public service initiatives are creating a market of data. Such a market is like any other market. It is very much influenced by the personal ideological

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The unaddressed portion of open data: social

After Open Source, Open Data is trendy. Governments are revamping their public service information policies, robust and commonly accepted standards of data emerge, results blossom. As a said in a previous post, the public service is at the forefront, not

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Making Sense of the Open Data Movement for a Knowledge Society

Tonight I have an immense desire to blog. It’s been months I have not been blogging, but today some information that reached me via my Yahoo Pipes and Twitter folks pushed me to blog. In fact what I want to

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The collusion between cost and value and the knowledge economy

Note: this post can be read for itself, but might appears “out of the blue” as it relates to a more grounded argumentation in the French section of my blog. In fact it is principally here to sustain a conversation

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Managing in a knowledge economy is also about “taming the Prince”

During my PhD, I focussed on the required elements for managing in a knowledge economy. My initial assumption was that one cannot manage an organisation with recipes from the 20′s or the 50′s because at that time the economy was

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