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The unaddressed portion of open data: social

After Open Source, Open Data is trendy. Governments are revamping their public service information policies, robust and commonly accepted standards of data emerge, results blossom. As a said in a previous post, the public service is at the forefront, not

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Designing and Managing Knowledge Work

Some time ago I made a presentation for the Information & Knowledge Management Society (IKMS) at the British Council in Singapore. It was built along those lines: – The changing nature of organisations, work and workplace – How knowledge management

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Designing sustainable online systems for knowledge communities today

In this post, I will share some of ideas and findings that kept me and my team busy lately. Part of the text below has been co-authored so I would like to associate Du Juan, Han-Leon Chia and Sunny Lim

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Knowledge work as design work

Mark Gould wrote a nice post based on Matthew Crawford’s Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry Into the Value of Work. I encourage you to read Mark’s post. Below are just some notes based on his post as well as

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Blogging in an Organization: Rationale and Engagement

Here in Singapore, I am having some interesting conversations, with one great, established blogger and a group of social media educated people, on blogging behind the firewall. Most of the conversation is around finding a way to engage people so

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