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Re: Why We Don’t Care About Information Overload, by Tom Davenport

Tom Davenport writes a pretty long post on his Harvard Business blog to explain Why We Don’t Care About Information Overload, which I quite don’t agree. Please have a look to it, as well as its conversation through comments. The

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Why we need to relax about information confidentiality and security

I am always suprised to meet people who take security and confidentiality of information as an excuse not to do things. Here are some thoughts why I think people should relax on information confidentiality and security. 1 – Information makes

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Enterprise 2.0 revisiting fundamentals of General Management (9/16) – IS are about access to information (as much as stock)

When it comes to defining knowledge, it really is easy to have a hard time, because there are different ways of understanding it.   There is a natural confusion between data, information and knowledge. Data is 1) a factual information

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