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knowledge management, social computing and semantic computing

Over the past months, I have been pretty silent for many good reasons. One of them is that I have focused my attention to semantic computing. It’s a new field for me so that I took the stance of keeping

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Enterprise Social Computing Pricing: insightful, but you hardly see the woods for the trees

Recently, Julien LeNestour, from the IT Innovation Lab of Schlumberger, wrote an interesting and debated post on enterprise social computing pricing @ ReadWriteWeb. He suggested me to contribute to the conversation, but it turns out that I need more than

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“Enterprise 2.0″ as a synonym for management consulting?

Ross Dawson crafted an article to announce the coming release of a report of its own.  I don’t know where he is now in crafting his report, but the article displays a pretty simple approach to the topic. Here are

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Folksonomy vs Taxonomy: the endless and useless controversy

Fran @ VocabControl highligths the controversy between taxonomists and folksonomists. At Headshift, we face content categorisation in every single project. I don’t really get the point of criticising one approach or the other, because it really depends the legacy you

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Behind “Enterprise 2.0″ Performance: Exploitation or Exploration? (mirror)

Initially published on the Headshift Blog The more I visit clients the more I am amazed by the lack of culture some have on the basics of web 2.0, not to mention its positive impacts on productivity, performance and bottom

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