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The revival of Peer to Peer (P2P)

Vendor Relationship Management & Federated Social Web initiatives by Markus Sabadello / @versionvega are useful attempts to push the 2.0 logic further: They are part of a growing movement that has a strong attention to Identity Management with ethics

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Awesomeness Manifesto: the broken linkage between Ethical Production and Fair Trade

Umair Haque recently came up with a very nice post on innovation, which came under my radar via Chris Messina, despite that my friend Julien Le Nestour is a fan and regularly references his work.   I have to admit

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Enterprise 2.0 revisiting fundamentals of General Management (16/16) – Management as Ménagement

The previous conception of management transforms management. It is no more about being bossy with employees. It is about co-ordinating initiatives to make them deliver the strategic plan. Management gets back to its initial, French meaning “Ménagement” that translates as

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