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Enterprise Social Networks: a solution for management, not a problem

No matter the advanced maturing views over the benefits of enterprise social networks in most organisations these days, I still come across people making assertions that they divert employees from work. My point today is that what they see as

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What Was the Question Again?

I’m back blogging after many months of keeping silent, for good and bad reasons. This week-end, I finally had the opportunity to sit relaxed and rested and think again to what had kept me so busy in real life and

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Re: Why We Don’t Care About Information Overload, by Tom Davenport

Tom Davenport writes a pretty long post on his Harvard Business blog to explain Why We Don’t Care About Information Overload, which I quite don’t agree. Please have a look to it, as well as its conversation through comments. The

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Empowerment of the unusual suspects: similarities between Enterprise 2.0 and Track Two Diplomacy

My wife is currently undergoing a PhD in International Relations at RSIS, here is Singapore. She focuses on the contribution of Track Two Diplomacy to the management of regional security issues in the Asia Pacific. We happen to have interesting

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Enterprise 2.0 illustrated

I recently had to make a simple and visual presentation of the logic behind Enterprise 2.0. It emphasizes on knowledge socialization – rather than “collaboration” – and displays the mechanisms available for that today. I’ve used Otto Neurath‘s Isotypes.

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