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Social computing and collaboration: repeat after me please

For those who play with or plead in favour of social computing, there is nothing new under the sun. I mean Ross Mayfield has been and still is the proeminent herald of this battle, and Luis Suarez an obstinate good

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Building sustainable online knowledge communities

In this post, I detail some thoughts on elements that contribute to the success of developing “online knowledge communities”. This later is an online platform whose purpose is to facilitate to knowledge diffusion and growth. It can be public or

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Patterns of activity and on-line application design or selection

When it comes to developing a web-service that facilitate knowledge sharing, it is not uncommon to see people taking surprising shortcuts that narrow the whole process of designing or selecting a tool. The principal reason is that people are too

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Basic confusions in “Enterprise 2.0″ projects: collaboration, participation and personnalization

Fred Cavazza on its Enterprise 2.0 blog recently advertised Groupwise by Novell. While presenting it as a collaborative tools Fred makes a distinction that Novell overlooks: collaboration and participation. Confusing collaboration and participation is a marketing strategy. Most major enterprise

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