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“Enterprise 2.0″ as a synonym for management consulting?

Ross Dawson crafted an article to announce the coming release of a report of its own.  I don’t know where he is now in crafting his report, but the article displays a pretty simple approach to the topic. Here are

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Taxonomies > Sensemaking > Adoption (mirror)

Initially published on the Headshift’s blog. The enterprise social computing scene is all about incentivizing, building and demonstrating – often with use cases – the benefits of socializing computer based activities. Most of social computing consultant are thrilled by the

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The Museum and the Zoo (mirror)

Initially published on the Headshift’s blog. The market for Enterprise 2.0 is booming. Client attention is high as blog readership and conference attendance figures demonstrate it. Individual actors know it as they see both their turnover and workforce growing. Reports

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(Non) Adoption of social computing in organisations: busyness or laziness? (mirror)

When people consider introducing social-computing in their organisation, one of the questions that regularly comes up is ROI: “what is the impact of social tools, whether blogs or wikis or social networks or social bookmark or all of them, on

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