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Enterprise Social Networks: a solution for management, not a problem

No matter the advanced maturing views over the benefits of enterprise social networks in most organisations these days, I still come across people making assertions that they divert employees from work. My point today is that what they see as

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The revival of Peer to Peer (P2P)

Vendor Relationship Management & Federated Social Web initiatives by Markus Sabadello / @versionvega are useful attempts to push the 2.0 logic further: They are part of a growing movement that has a strong attention to Identity Management with ethics

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Open Data: How change in politics may change the Market of Data

In a previous post I have written that the open data and reform of public service initiatives are creating a market of data. Such a market is like any other market. It is very much influenced by the personal ideological

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The unaddressed portion of open data: social

After Open Source, Open Data is trendy. Governments are revamping their public service information policies, robust and commonly accepted standards of data emerge, results blossom. As a said in a previous post, the public service is at the forefront, not

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Open data: money, money, money

Another element that is worth noting in theĀ  “Models of Public Sector Information Provision via Trading Funds” (2008) report is that one of the reason for open data is public administration reform. As the report notes, ‘trading funds’ were created

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