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Organizational Transformation – a 10 year contribution

I’ve recently realized that I’m celebrating this year my 10th anniversary of PhD graduation. My PhD in Management work lays the foundations of a structured view over organizations and their necessary evolution to adapt to a knowledge driven economy.  

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Enterprise Social Networks: a solution for management, not a problem

No matter the advanced maturing views over the benefits of enterprise social networks in most organisations these days, I still come across people making assertions that they divert employees from work. My point today is that what they see as

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What Was the Question Again?

I’m back blogging after many months of keeping silent, for good and bad reasons. This week-end, I finally had the opportunity to sit relaxed and rested and think again to what had kept me so busy in real life and

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The revival of Peer to Peer (P2P)

Vendor Relationship Management & Federated Social Web initiatives by Markus Sabadello / @versionvega are useful attempts to push the 2.0 logic further: They are part of a growing movement that has a strong attention to Identity Management with ethics

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Open Data: How change in politics may change the Market of Data

In a previous post I have written that the open data and reform of public service initiatives are creating a market of data. Such a market is like any other market. It is very much influenced by the personal ideological

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